Pre Investment

Our team reviews hundreds of investment opportunities annually to identify a handful to pursue that meet our investment criteria and have the growth potential to become a prominent business in its respective market. We have built a highly responsive and solutions oriented culture. We strive to immediately surface threshold questions or concerns to reveal any material challenges or opportunities. Once a letter of intent is executed, our experience allows us to manage a highly efficient transaction closing process. Generally, we move as quickly as our counterparties allow us to move.

Post Investment

After we invest in a business, its management team continues to operate the business in many respects just as before the transaction. We view ourselves as advisors and resources to our companies partnering to collaborate on solving business problems and driving growth. We often manage lender relationships and lead add-on acquisition identification and execution on behalf of our companies.This allows the leadership team to focus more time on running and improving the business. Since 2011, we have executed on average 2.1 add-ons per platform.

Operating Partner Selection

Leveraging our extensive network of senior executives, we recruit an operating partner for every platform company. An operating partner is usually someone who has a demonstrable track record of scaling businesses within the platform company’s industry. More than just a figurehead, our operating partners bring invaluable insight to the project including operational know how, a deep rolodex of relationships and strategic guidance to support and advise the management team with whom we invest. This allows us to expedite growth and create superior outcomes for our portfolio companies.

The individual often serves as the Chairperson of the platform company. The operating partner is interviewed and selected with the support of the seller(s). This process usually begins before consummating our initial investment. An overview of some of the executives we have recruited to projects is available here.